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"At the end of a project, we get to give clients this beautiful finished product, something that will bring them happiness each time they walk by or sit in their space. I can't imagine having a job that didn't allow me to offer up that kind of joy."

​​Lauren was taught from a young age how to appreciate beauty in the places, spaces, and people around her. As soon as she was old enough to drive, she could be found rummaging estate sales and creating her own art to enhance her space.

She began her career in design working for a luxury custom home builder, before becoming a partner at a home furnishing store and interior design company. During her time there, she not only helped to build their brand, but spent time to hone her own talent and skills.

Lauren's entrepreneurial spirit led to her to the decision to launch her own business: Lauren Elder Interiors. She received immense support and in no time, was busy with projects all over the Middle Tennessee area.


Lauren has worked in the custom home & interior design industry for

 over a decade. Her depth of knowledge combined with her infectious 

 energy creates a design experience that is fun and effortless.


"When you choose to work with Lauren, you don't just hire a designer, you gain a friend."

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