This year looks a little bit different for us all. 2020 has had more than it's fair share of hiccups, hardships, and heartache. In the midst of this, I think we've all learned to slow down a bit and focus on the things that bring us joy. Which is why Christmas may have come a little early for some of us. 2020 needs as much joy as it can get, so if Holiday decorations make you happy... put those trees up!

What makes me happy? Being able to stay in a food coma on Black Friday and spend time with my family. Most years, you'd find me struggling out of bed the day after Thanksgiving and loading my car with bins of ornaments, heading off to squeeze in as many holiday clients as we could! This year, we decided to do things a little differently and decorated for 5 of our long-term clients... the week before Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, that meant we weren't able to take on as many holiday projects as usual. So, we brainstormed a way to spread the joy. We're sharing some of our favorite trees and where to find the goods to bring our ideas to your home.

If you're dreaming of a "White Christmas" and you're ready to "Let it Snow."

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Large beaded snowflake ornaments, extra & unique string lights, neutral personalized stockings for the family, pre-lit flocked garland, natural colored peacock feathers, and a faux fur tree skirt make up this snowy scene!

If you're ready to "Deck the Halls" for a "Holly Jolly Christmas."

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This client had two Christmas trees in her home and wanted to do a little something different in the family room, but still wanted it to be festive! We opted for a plain garland, attached to the mantle and built in cabinets using command hooks. Add a few (or a hundred) shatterproof ornaments to the garland for a truly magical focal point.

Your kids will definitely want to live in this "Marshmellow World."

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This was our absolute favorite tree this year. This little project started when the client called and said "let's put a little mini tree in the kid's play room!" Lots of candy ornaments, pink sparkly mesh, colorful pom pom garland, and a 7.5" tall flocked tree with color changing rainbow lights later.... we created every little girl's Christmas dream.

Leave a comment and tell us which tree is your favorite!

Happy Holidays!

Products linked are genuine recommendations. Rosemary Home/Lauren Elder Interiors is not affiliated with any of these companies nor part of a paid sponsorship.

*This post was originally published on March 28, 2020.

I think we're all going through the same thing right now and circling through the same quarantine phases. I'm not going to lie, the few couple of weeks were amazing. I welcomed the break and I had NO problem walking past all of the messes I'd been ignoring for months.

Now I'm in full project mode: cleaning out closets, organizing cabinets, and of course dreaming up renovations and how I'll design my next house (this is a constant in my brain). Naturally, I started looking through some of my favorite design jobs to date and I came across this amazing kitchen.

This season of our life is well... just really "off" for everyone to put it lightly, however looking at this kitchen brought a smile to my face. So, I wanted to share it so you too could have something beautiful to cast your eyes upon.

This project was one of the most fun and equally challenging projects I've had the pleasure of completing. In a way, it gives me hope during this time as well. This client came to me with her hands in the air- she'd practically given up on having the home she dreamed she'd have. She and her family had lived here for six years and she and her husband struggled with the functionality of the space and all of the obstacles prevented it from feeling like home.

The house was built in the early 2000s, but had all the flair of 1991. We're talking weird custom niches and extras... and columns galore... they were everywhere. I'll admit, this home was tough. It was strange and it was hard to see the potential end result. The homeowners were convinced that there was no way to salvage the space. BUT- thanks to a little optimism, a little prayer, very careful and creative planning, and Landmark Homes for their patience and expert contracting skills... We Made It Through.

The first step was to make the kitchen both breathtaking, but functional. Most families spend a lot of time in their kitchen, so it needs to be a destination that feels both peaceful and energizing. We removed a peninsula and had enough space to create two islands- one for cooking, and one for enjoying the cooking.

Now that we have plenty of seating and eating space, we were able to get rid of the kitchen table. The kitchen nook was crammed into this corner. We put in a beam and got rid of one of the millions of columns and we were able to create this gorgeous wet bar.

We then transformed a formal sitting room into a formal dining room- one that's still casual enough to use on more than just the holidays.

It was a truly positive domino effect. Once the table wasn't crammed into an odd space we had extra square footage to expand the living room and now it's big enough for THE WHOLE FAM DAMILY.

So, when you're feeling off or even flat out discouraged during this pandemic- take a look at this renovation and remember we'll get through this too. With a little prayer, a little optimism, creative thinking, and a wonderful community.

*This post was originally published on June 1, 2019.

Here we are again, another project that we've been dying to share with you all! And, now we can finally reveal this beauty.

First, I want to thank the always talented Kristin Vanzant for photographing this truly one-of-a-kind project. I also want to thank American Farmhouse Style & Owensboro Living for featuring this home! Words cannot express our gratitude!

This home was a true labor of love. We spent two years planning, designing, and building in Owensboro, Kentucky with the most fabulous clients. This type of project is ideal for us- it's our favorite thing to do. To be able to dream with the homeowners and create a space from top to bottom. The architecture, the furniture, and all of the little details were handpicked together and the end result is magical.

Our clients wanted their home to be new, but feel old in all the right ways. We wanted it to feel comfortable, classic, homey, timeless, and have as much character as we could fit into the square footage. Lucky for us, these clients have the best taste- and the best collection of vintage finds.

These photos are proof that breaking all of the rules is the way to go. No two rooms are at all the same, but we made sure to create a feeling throughout the home that was consistent and felt good.

This just goes to show that you can still have a home that makes jaws drop and is still covered in personality. You can walk through the house and really get to know this family- and that's exactly how I think it should be!

For more photos of the Kentucky Burrow, check out our online portfolio.

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