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Post-Holiday Blues

Can we all agree that January is the worst month in Nashville? It's cold. It's dreary. It's the official start of tax season; and there aren't any festive lights and decorations to distract from how grey and cloudy it is.

Putting away my Christmas décor always makes me feel refreshed and decluttered. I drag out the bins and start packing and organizing on New Year's Day (if I can wait that long.) BUT... today I was sitting in my office working and I couldn't help but think that this weather really called for Christmas lights and a fire.

So, I'm giving us the next best thing. A sneak peak of my home (that I definitely owe you) with a little festive flair.

There are so many things I love about this space, where do I even start?

Clearly the disco ball is the star of the show, so I didn't want to add a lot in here for the holidays. I love a good dinner party and I have lots of place settings, pretty dishes, and tablescapes. But, the day before the photoshoot I had a vision and I immediately recruited my husband to make me a custom candle holder. Meanwhile, I started cutting all of the cuties in my pantry and roasting orange slices.

Because honestly, nothing besides 100 taper candles burning at one time could pair with a 4-foot wide functioning vintage disco ball from 1971.

The Rosemary Team was bored of all of the "trending" tree decorations and I really wanted to do something different. We got a bunch of clear and white ornaments, strands of little pearls, and I hand-tied cute little winter blue bows to the tips of the branches. Done. No big bows, no fancy garlands. I wanted classic and simple. Understated.

HAHAHA. Then I remembered that more is more and just couldn't stop. I also decided that it was the time to do as many DIY projects as possible in 24hrs and drove to Hobby Lobby to buy the fluffiest, softest yarn I could find to make my own garland. I recruited my husband for this part too.

For those of you who don't know, we're expecting a daughter in March. This whole garland scenario turned out to be a great learning experience for me. We had to cut and comb out strands of yarn to piece this together. It took us probably 5-6 hours. Turns out my husband is incredibly patient and gentle. He doesn't know it yet, but this test proved he's going to be the one brushing and braiding hair before school. Congratulations, honey!

Speaking of my husband and babies. If our French bulldog is his first born, then the bar room is his middle child. It was the only room he had opinions on throughout the entire build-design process. What I didn't know was that this attitude would extend to Christmas Décor. I was given strict instructions to use his childhood tree... with colored lights... in this super moody black and white space.

In turn, the girls at Rosemary were given strict instructions to buy anything they thought would make this happen. My senior designer showed up with 3 giant bags full of tinsel and clip-on candles and we knew we were going all-out 1989. "I hope it's not overkill," she commented on the quantity she purchased. But remember, MORE is MORE?

I went back to Hobby Lobby and filled 3 more giant bags with tinsel and light-up candles to really make this baby shine (Literally. Look at all of that tinsel).

This quickly became my favorite Christmas tree in the house. It was so fun.

And you know what else is fun? Sharing all of this with you! I feel so much more inspired now and I'm ready to power through the last few hours of this work day! I hope this brought some cheer to your day too.


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