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A Blended Master Bath

*This post was originally published on March 30, 2016.

Are any of you sick of an all white bathroom? No? Okay... honestly, neither am I. It will always be a beautiful & classic look. However, sometimes I just get in the mood to mix things up and do something a little different. It seems like we lived through so many years of dark wood and travertine tile that we all escaped to bright white cabinets and bright white tile for a little bit of relief. Finally, I think we've reached the sweet spot. I love that we're transitioning into this time where stained woods and colorful tiles are acceptable. We get to blend our two worlds and create spaces that are both modern & timeless.

Photo by Daniel Bear Hunley

I think the goal for any home should be to make things current without being trendy. That was my goal for this bathroom- use modern elements that don't force the room to become "modern," but rather elevate a timeless space.

The newly released tiles from Emser mixed well with hexagonal floor tile and a tall tower of subway tile. It gave the room a slight edge and added intrigue, but we still feel grounded and simple. And, of course- a little marble helps that too ;)

Photo by Daniel Bear Hunley

Don't ever hesitate to mix metals and finishes. As long as you stick to neutrals, you can shake it up as much as you want and you'll still have a space that is both blended and cohesive.

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