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A (Kind of) Bright White Kitchen

*This post was originally published on March 23, 2016.

I love a white kitchen- oh, so much. It's clean, simple, classy, and immaculate. When I was building my home in Nashville, I immediately knew I wanted a bright white kitchen.

But, here's what happened in my brain...

"Let's keep it simple. We'll do white cabinets to the ceiling and a glass china tower with glass pendants. Although, brass sconces above the windows would be adorable and add extra light. Also, a black island would be epic and the kitchen would still be mostly white. Okay, but what about a black hood?? A GIANT black hood! YES. Okay, well... also, we need concrete countertops and the island needs to have lots of texture and feel like nature. I know! Wooden Fantasy Leathered Waterfall Countertops. Sold! I'll take it!"

Photo by Daniel Bear

Everyone else's response? "Umm, I thought you wanted a bright white kitchen?"

The good thing about using natural and organic colors is that they give you contrast, while still being neutral. I honestly believe every room is better with a touch of black; something about the richness really anchors the space, and the contrast makes your white pop even more, so it still feels airy and bright.

Photo by Daniel Bear

Long story short, the next time you want a bright white kitchen, don't be afraid to throw a little wood or concrete or you know, a giant black range hood.

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