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Linen, Cotton, Wood (and more Linen)

*This post was originally published on March 29, 2016.

Here's the thing: Your master bedroom should feel like a retreat. You work all day long and then you finally get home... and you work some more. When we FINALLY get to kick up our feet and chill, all we really want is a bed we can just dive into like a child.

Photo by Daniel Bear Hunley

The goal for this room was just that. We wanted to create an oasis. A place that at any time of day is both bright and cozy at the same time; somewhere that calms you and makes you feel refreshed. I knew immediately this room had to have a lot of linen.

Pro Tip: If you want your space to feel cozy and bright: Go grab one million yards of linen and consider your goal accomplished. BOOM.

Adding a few textures, like these wood night stands and woven roman shades, helps to give the room a little bit of warmth and softens the tone against the bright whites. This gives you that perfect end result of fresh and comfortable.

Photo by Daniel Bear Hunley

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